Dancing with my unvoiced

Dancing with my unvoiced
Issue: ISSUE #34
Luca Fortini finds a mannequin and he wants to transform it into a designer floor lamp; he takes his time to observe it and then involves Paolo Bastia. They ask each other, "What relationship can be there between a headless dummy mannequin and a live female body?" and their thoughts and questions give birth to a work before us.
Paolo reasons upon the fact that a mannequin represents a perfect soulless body replicated in thousands of copies, with no identity, no voice.
Luca wants to create a surreal situation of ambivalence between the human body and the inanimate one of the mannequin.
The young woman, on the other hand, strives to assert her own identity in confrontation with the role models imposed upon her by the society.
A peculiar dance, of its own accord, unfolds: a dance of renaissance. The model works hard and incessantly in search of harmony; she mimics the mannequin risking to lose her own identity; she juxtaposes with the mannequin; she cuddles it; irreconcilably and on impulse she disjoints it and parts from it forever.