Drama collection

Drama collection
Artist: Nefelia
Issue: ISSUE #35
Drama collection attempts to challenge the relationship between art and functional design. It is the latest work of Nefelia |Out of fashion design studio. A collective of objects that amazes, while still being realistic enough to execute. A true Greek drama is taking place as the collection progresses, with highly designed objects, initiating newcomers to a land of mythical figures, Greek goddesses and heroes.

The evil eye, traditionally a talisman made to protect against the malevolent glares, that Greeks believe to be a curse cast to a person when unaware, in “Drama” collection becomes an acrylic set of placemats for two.

Janus, with the two faces, one seeing into the past and one into the future, thus representing time. A symbol of change and transition, in Drama collection, becomes a hand mirror, with a handle made out of handmade cast concrete and a double layering of laser cut plexiglass.

A mythological figure but yet a famous jelly fish. Inspired by both, this hanging light lamp, is made of iridescent laser cut layers, brass  parts and a led light bulb. Due to the nature the material, it produces a unique view, depending on the angle you look at it. In an eye height when standing it seems clear, airy, transparent. When viewed from a different height, it produces all the colors of the rainbow.

It was just a simple box. What was in it? Could it be gold, or silver, even precious stones? Surely just taking a very quick look inside couldn't do any harm - could it?...
Pandora’s box hid evils and unknown secrets, and it becomes a jewelry box in Drama collection.

Monster Chimera was defeated in a battle by hero Bellerephon, who rid Pegasus during the fight! In Greek mythology Pegasus was the son of Medusa, a horse with wings that was eventually the companion of the Gods in mount Olympus. In Drama, it becomes a decorative ornament made of laser cut plexiglass that can also be hung .

Or Ornithes, inspired by the famous play of the father of comedy Aristophanes, become a set of coasters by using the technique of laser cutting, and embedding  delicate eye pieces into an already-cut acrylic base.

The Trojan horse is a hand mirror inspired by the wooden horse the Greeks constructed, during the Trojan war, to hide a select force of men inside. Priest Laocoon tried to unveil its secret and was punished by Poseidon who sent two giant octopuses to strangle him.
Made out of laser cut plexiglass, in silver and gold mirror and pink /cream colours, they sit on handcrafted wooden bases.

Greek mythology is all about drama, infidelity and betrayals between interconnected actors. Fascinating tales about individuals fighting against the circumstances.Nefelia through Drama, presents modern Greeks, as equally dramatic and pompous as their ancestors, and the only way to approach this temper and celebrate their culture, was to design with humor, and then present her work through a string of metaphors- a sarcastic editorial that tries to bridge the profound gap between past and present.

The collection is an exciting mix of unexpected elements, a sarcastic
interpretation of Greek history, that in the end, characterize the distinctive and -out of fashion- work of Nefelia. Drama collection was presented in ICFF, NYC, May 14-17 2016.